Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is simple.

  1. Better hulls keeping passengers comfortable and safe and matched to clients performance requirements.
  2. Living spaces that provide "freedom of movement".
  3. Styling that will stand the test of time.


To give clients the best hull requires a complete and thorough understanding of the basic principals of naval architecture. Every design we do starts afresh and is worked up from basic principals and the required hull shape drawn to match the clients specific performance requirements. A succesful outcome can not be acheived by simply scaling boats up or down. Balance is key to our boat designs and we use fundamental principals to develop safe, comfortable high performance hulls to meet the clients needs. 

We are passionate about making space aboard easy to live in. We call it freedom of movement. Quite simply the ability to move freely. An example is not having to slide out from behind a table or having to ask others to move. Reducing the number of obstacles or stairs to step up and over. Being able to easily move around the boat on deck. This freedom of movement makes life aboard a small space so much more pleasurable. We continually strive to achieve this and routinely come up with solutions "outside the square". Some of our interiors are quite unique and very pleasurable spaces to live in.
We also understand that owners often have their own ideas about layout and that this is a part of the boat where they can have significant input, so we are just as happy to work their ideas into a design also.

We believe a well proportioned boat will always look good, even as styles change. We spend a lot of time to get the proportion of a boat right. Even if the style of a boat does not suit every individuals preference, we believe if the proportions of the boat are right then it will not be offensive to anyone regardles of whether that particular type of styling is their ideal or not. And each and every client will have their own styling that appeals to them. We work with clients to create a boat that is pleasing to their eye and timeless.

We have established our Rêvo trademark to reflect our commitment to this philosophy and to protect both our customers and our own investment.