In Build

Following are some examples of our boat designs being built as well other products we have developed. We currently have boats being built in New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands, Thailand, Canada and the USA. We are happy to work with customers from around the globe. A number of our customers overseas we have never met and yet we have successful working relationships with them.

DIYNO Kitset Boats

Aluminium kit set boats

We have designed a range of alloy kitset boats
from 3.6-8 metres.

This has enabled customers to access our designs 
at the fraction of a full design fee.

DIYNO Kitset Boats uses quality materials which coupled with a professional designs ensures the customers end up with a valuable boat.

Shown here is the range of kitsets.

We also have an aluminium boatbuilding school where students learn the skills required to assemble the kit sets.

For more information on DIYNO Kitset Boatsclick here to take you to the DIYNO Kitset Boats web page.
Rêvo Beachcraft

Beachcraft Boats Dunedin

Beachcraft Boats in Dunedin manufacture a number of our designs.

Pictured here is the Rêvo Beachcraft 821 Jet and the Rêvo Beachcraft 601 Pontoon.

The 821 Jet is powered by a Yanmar 370 and a Scott Waterjet
Although privately owned this boat is ideally suited for commercial use

The 601 Pontoon comes in 3 configurations. Centre console,
Cuddy Cabin and on the drawing board is a semi-enclosed wheelhouse.

These boats come with a purpose designed surf launching trailer
enabling one man to surf launch and retrieve these 6 metre alloy
pontoon boats
SapphireProfile 39
Rêvo 451 Pontoon

4.5 metres long with large internal beam makes it a very
appealing boat.

The Rêvo 451 Pontoon can run outboards or Inboard Jet drive.

Shown is a cuddy cabin but also available is a centre console boat
 P1040554 500x375P1040566
Rêvo 581 Classic

Silver Fern Creations 5.8 metre Yacht Chaser 

Classic styling and Mahogany vaneer makes this an exquisite boat.

Designed to cruise at low speed with low wake but the ability
to run at speeds up to 25 knots, she is purpose designed and built for watching yacht racing without impacting on the race itself.

Set up for 30 horsepower outboard with a centre console helm position. The boat is open deck for complete walkaround to make her suitable as a support vessel for small yachts if needed or as a committee boat setting courses when required.
 YachtChaseboat 004
Rêvo 442

4.4 metre Powercat

The first built in a range of boats up to 7.5 metres, this little powercat boasts features of much bigger monohulls. Stability and safety with twin engines up to 30 horsepower, she also features two full length bunks making her a genuine overnighter.

This boat is the prototype for our Rêvo TT tenders. The potential for these boats as rescue boats and work boats is obvious. The helmsman can point the boat in any direction and take his hands off the wheel. The boat will steer straight regardless of wave direction. She can be run full speed up-wind, down-wind and every angle inbetween without touching the wheel.
 442Running1 580x464
Rêvo 7.3T

7.3 metre motorhome.

This was an enjoyable break away from boats and gave us the chance to apply our "freedom of movement" philosophy to motorhomes.

The owner didn't want to be driving a large bus but living space was important. We designed a composite body and many innovative features. The windows are all removeable for maximum ventilation, a bed in the aft area draws up to the ceiling to allow the back area to be open creating the space for the use of two comfortable lazy-boy recliners. The head is separate from the shower and water capacity is 450 litres. The owners say they have trouble getting guests to leave, such is the level of comfort.

With the back being open we could incorporate double rear doors. Sitting in the recliners with the back doors open towards the view is simply unbeatable.

They live aboard this motorhome for long periods and thoroughly enjoy it.

Moving around the bus is easy with
large open spaces in line with our "freedom of movement" philosophy.
Rêvo Wizard Deck Cranes

Marine Magicians Auckland

We have deveoped these composite deck cranes which are in production by Marine Magicians in Auckland. They wanted a deck crane that would not detract from the look of the boat and wanted to avoid the corrosion issues of aluminium deck cranes. The styling looks more like a water toy than a deck crane when closed down on the deck. Operation of the crane
is very simple and the crane is rated to 135 kg.